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Battery legislation


As we sell batteries and such equipment, where batteries and rechargeable batteries are included, we are - according the battery legislation (BattG) - obliged to inform you of the following: You are not allowed to dispose batteries and accumulators in your household garbage. As required by law, used batteries have to be returned. Batteries can contain harmful substances. Not properly stored or disposed of in the environment, they therefore can cause harm to your health and/or the environment. Batteries might also contain important raw materials such as  zinc, iron, nickel or manganese, that can be recycled. You can either send used batteries back to us or recycle them for free in your area, in your trade shop or community collection. The levy to points of sale is limited to end users with customary quantity and to those kind of batteries, which the distributor has or had in their portfolio. The crossed-out wheeled bin indicates that batteries and rechargeable batteries are not to be disposed of in the trash.
Please refer to the following symbols for their unique meaning:



Cd: Batterie contains cadmium.

Hg: Batterie contains mercury.

Pb: Batterie contains lead.